Yes, we actually read our emails!

In fact, we have an operator, whose job is to look after your bookings. Generally, we respond to requests submitted through the website within a few minutes. Simply fill out the enquiry form.

At Zebra Removals Sydney, we are proud to be highly efficient. Here is how a seamless move works:

  • Submit a booking on our website
  • Our operator will contact you within minutes (generally) to confirm particulars
  • Our operator will suggest packaging material and ask if you have any special requests
  • Our operator will confirm the final price of the move
  • You pack the boxes
  • We arrive on the day and carefully move your belonging to the new destination
  • You unpack the boxes

Throughout the entire process, our operator will be in touch with you keeping you up to date on the progress of all activities.

If you would like to discuss any issues then you can contact us directly too.