Packing Boxes

Cardboard box (crystals, books)

All purpose small packing box. Best suited to packing heavier items, such as books and kitchenware. Boxes are double ply for added strength. As the name may also imply these boxes are especially good for your more fragile items such as crystal glasses. Dimensions — 30×40x35cm.

Cardboard box (family set)

A complete set of cardboard boxes for a family home relocation.

Cardboard box (Tea chest)

Your all-purpose moving carton. Best suited for larger amounts of lighter items. Double-ply for extra strength Dimensions — 40×40×60 cm.

Portable Wardrobe

Portable Wardrobe units designed for the save and clean transit of hanger hung clothing. These units are also available for rent on the day of moving at a reduced cost. Unit comes complete with metal hanging bar. Dimensions — 120×60×60 cm.

Packing Tape

Packaging tape (grey, brown)

High-performance tape features aggressive acrylic adhesive superior for wide temperature range application. Seals cartons for shipping and storage plus protects labels.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap (per metre)

Small rolls of bubble wrap. Small air-filled bubbles. Dimensions — 50×100 cm

Packaging Material

Butchers paper

In our 30 years experience, we have found that butchers paper is the most cost effective way of packing fragile items into boxes. In is clean and does not mark as well as providing a decent degree of packing. We sell this in 1kg bundles, suitable for 1 reasonable sized kitchen.

Protective Bags

We find that a lot of customers wish to either protect their nice clean lounge suite or double mattress over the course of their move. This is why all our trucks carry Extra Heavy Duty lounge and mattress bags for sale.